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Nanomaterials in our life

Nanomaterials are used in many everyday products. Navigate the flat and find out where and why.

Test your nanomaterials' knowledge

  • Pillow cases can be coated with nanosilver to make them more resistant to bacteria.

  • Nanomaterials are only formed through industrial manufacturing

  • Which of the following is smaller than or equal in size to a nanomaterial?

  • Which of the following is the most commonly used nanomaterial in sports equipment?

  • Which of the following is not a reason for nanomaterials being used in coatings and paints?

  • A nanomaterial used in a cosmetic product in the EU needs to be marked on the label with the word “nano” in brackets after the name of the ingredient.

  • How many times smaller are nanomaterials compared to the diameter of a human hair?

  • Why is titanium dioxide used in sunscreen?

  • Nanosilver has antibacterial properties.

  • How can nanomaterials enter our bodies?

  • Nanomaterials are used to keep solar panels clean and to increase the amount of the Sun’s energy that they absorb and convert into electricity.

  • Computers and TV screens are lighter thanks to nanotechnology, but they now use more power.

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